About Us

Mr. Thayyil Balan

Hotel Akshaya was established in the year of 1948. Our restaurant is run by well experienced dedicated professionals.

Our first Hotel Akshaya was established in the year of 1948 at High Road, Thrissur as a small restaurant by Mr. Thayyil Balan. Hailing from a south Indian background and South India being the cradle of spices since ancient times, our preparations are based on the aroma and flavour of the spices. A refined atmosphere, expert service, hospitality to the guests and the guarantee of a quality kitchen are the key elements that have placed our restaurant among the best.

Celebrations bring the entire family together and Akshaya has established itself as a reliable eatery during functions and get together. Our menus during celebrations are made in accordance with the festive tradition thereby exemplering the festive mood and fun.

The word “fresh” conjures up a variety of traits, almost all of which apply to Hotel Akshaya, a unique restaurant in the cultural capital of Kerala, where Chinese, Indian and Nadan come together under one roof of a traditional house with top notch ambiance. Our food is delicious and the presentation is exquisite, service is impeccable and prices are just right. The great ambiance, exceptional food and excellent service make for a remarkable dining experience at Akshaya restaurant. The great atmosphere will make your special occasion the one you will never forget! Using quality fresh ingredients, we crafted an extensive menu of traditional Indian dishes, offering everything from fresh made vegetables and meats to delicious desserts. Come and enjoy the classic Kerala delights that await you at Akshaya restaurant. With years of experience in food and catering service, Akshaya is committed to provide the best in traditional Kerala recipes in a modern style palatable to all. Chefs with years of experience in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cuisine are our hallmarks.

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